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Apps & Tablets and More!: Android Tablets

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About Android Tablets

For a long while, it was a challenge to find decent Android tablets to test. The category existed for some time before we were able to round up the best ones. But as Google continues to refine its mobile operating system, we're seeing a steady flow of high-quality Android tablets. And that's a good thing, since they provide viable alternatives to the Apple iPad, which has dominated the tablet market since its first release in early 2010. One of the major benefits of Android over the iPad, is that instead of a single hardware choice, you can access the OS on a number of tablets from various manufacturers, in different sizes, with varied designs.  Read more from PC Magazine:  

Android phones and tablets are made by a number of different manufacturers and come in many different sizes and configurations and price ranges. 

When choosing a new tablet, it helps if you decide how you want to use this device before you make your purchase.  Do you want it to replace your desktop?  Then perhaps a larger device (10-12 inches) would be better.  Will you be doing patient charting?  Again, a larger size with a good keyboard would probably be better for extensive typing.  

Did you want to carry it around in the pocket of your white coat? If so, then smaller is better.  If you are hoping to read journal articles during down time when on the overnight shift, be sure you are comfortable holding and reading with the tablet you are investigating. 

As with all tablet choices, so much depends on personal preference.  The Library has available Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 tablets, loaded with Library-oriented apps and programs.  If you would like to try them out, and see if the apps you would use work well on them, please call Micki or Jenny and we will set you up with a time to audition the devices.



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