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Apps & Tablets and More!: Windows Tablets

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About Windows Tablets

There are several advantages to a Windows tablet, some of which are: 

  • Windows tablets run all of the programs you know and love from Microsoft and other Windows programs.
  • You can use any browser you like (although Firefox doesn’t work particularly well with touch).
  • You run them just as you run them on your desktop.  
  • You can use most accessories that you use with your desktop; the same mouse, keyboard, DVD player.   
  • They can be connected to a keyboard which gives it the feel of a laptop.  
  • Plus, Windows tablets are touch enabled, and also work with pens, so you can write on them (not regular pens please, the special ones that come with these tablets!)

It is true that there are fewer apps for Windows tablets, but more and more of them are popping up on the Windows Store, plus, remember, it runs all Windows programs. 

Windows tablets are made by a number of different manufacturers:  Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft, Panasonic and more.  Windows tablets come in many different sizes and configurations and price ranges. All of them have gotten good-to-excellent reviews in PCMagazine.    ZDnet also offers a review, although it is a year old, so the models mentioned are not current, but the info is good.  

Windows tablets come in small and large sizes, with and without keyboards, so you need to decide how you want to use this device before you make your purchase.  Do you want it to replace your desktop?  Then perhaps a larger device (10-12 inches) would be better.  Will you be doing patient charting?  Again, a larger size with a good keyboard would probably be better for extensive typing.  

Did you want to carry it around in the pocket of your white coat? If so, then smaller is better.   There have been comments about trouble using the tiled screen on the smaller ones, if you have larger hands.  As with all tablet choices, so much depends on personal preference.

If choosing a Windows tablet, choose for one that uses Windows 8.1 operating system (or higher). If you do run that operating system, your opening screen will look not too different from an Android or Apple device, with tiles.   If you like this operating system, great!  Some don't like it, and want their device to feel more like Windows.  There are fixes for that (see sidebar).  

It's all a matter of preference.  The Library has available a SurfacePro 3, loaded with Library-oriented apps and programs.  If you would like to try it out, and see if the programs you would use work well on it, please call Micki or Jenny and we will set you up with a time to audition the device.



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