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Hope Brings Strength Health Sciences Library ART EXHIBIT/DONATION: FAQs

During the late spring of 2023, the Health Sciences Library will be removing faculty portraits and replacing them with flat art. One way to acquire art is to accept donations from affiliates and their friends that create art. The exhibit will facilitate receiving donations for either the Library walls or other Medical School locations.

The goal of donations is to fit into spaces already used for the faculty portraits. That presents some opportunity to re-use mounting materials, but there are also constraints on the dimensions for those existing locations. The dimensions we are requesting: Recommended Unframed Width: 12” min - 15” max. Height: 16” min - 19” max. Recommended Framed: Width: 20” min - 28” max Height: 30’ min - 48” max

All art that goes on the library walls must be framed and hung for long-term viewing. We have sturdy frames in good condition that will be harvested and re-used for new art submissions, so the dimensions of the reusable frames determines the maximum dimensions.

The design of the library walls features columns in between the windows, and the art will be mounted on these columns.

Please bring donated art to the Health Sciences Library in the Rowan-Virtua School of Medicine Academic center during normal weekday business hours. If an evening or weekend is needed, please use the contact information to inquire and arrange a time.

Actually, we are seeking donations that become the property of Rowan University. We cannot guarantee the security or insure non-university property for an unexpected loss. Because the ultimate goal for most of the donated art is permanent installation on the Health Sciences Library walls, we want to assure donors that their support for the University and Library will be on display as a testimony to their generosity.

No, the Rowan Libraries do not appraise the value of donations. There will be a form that you will sign and receive a copy to acknowledge your donation and generosity, but if you need an appraised value, you must seek a local property appraiser’s service before turning in your artistic donation.

Yes, as long as the print meets the suggested dimensions, either the framed or unframed size recommendations. The Health Sciences Library and Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine reserve the authority to select which donations are selected for what location in the Library. If the quality of donations exceeds the needs of the Library, the School of Osteopathic Medicine may have additional locations.