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Apps & Tablets and More!: About Tablets

Learn more about tablets and apps!

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Quick Safety Tips

Most of these tips are common sense...for desktop and even more so for mobile technology.

  • Be aware of what you are doing, don't just automatically click and OK every app request
  • Install the proper app to remotely wipe your tablet - just in case
  • Use strong passwords
  • Download only from trusted resources (iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store)
  • Apps sometimes demand access they shouldn't have - watch out for that
  • We are more easily distracted with mobile devices, so try to pay more attention

About the assortment of tablets

It is not your imagination - it is very complicated to choose the perfect tablet.  Operating system and size seem to be the most defining factors for most people.  For some it might be an easier decision: someone who has always used Apple products probably wants an Apple tablet...but for others it can be complicated.  Here are some resources to get you started.

What we offer at the Health Sciences Library

Any authorized student, faculty or medical staff member may stop by the Library to sit for a while with one of our tablets (be sure to bring valid RowanSOM or Kennedy ID).  We have loaded the tablets with library apps and programs, with medical apps and some productivity apps.  So, take some time to get the feel of it; see if it fits in your white coat pocket, messenger bag or purse; work with it for a bit and judge if it fits your hands and your needs, etc.    At the present time we offer the following tablets (please call ahead to make sure they aren't already in use):

Need Help?

We are always happy to answer questions and help when we can, but you might find the answers in these resources: