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Renew Your Library Books

1. From the CMSRU library page, click on Services> My Library Accounts.
2. Locate the Log into Voyager Account link.
3. The Catalog Log In window will appear. 4. In the dropdown window, please ensure that Rowan University Banner ID is selected.
5. Enter either your Rowan Banner ID number or your Cooper Id number into the ID field.
6. Enter your last name into the last name field. 
7. Press the Login button.

8. At this time, you may review your account and the charged items.
9. Place a checkmark next to any items that to renew.
10. Once you have selected the items to renew, click Request Renewal. If the item may be renewed, you will receive All items are renewed successfully.  If you receive the message, One or more items failed to renew (Please see status below for detail), please contact a library staff.

Using the Self-Circ Checkout

1. Login to the computer using the Student Self-Checkout login.

2. In the Self-Circ window, enter your Banner Id and last name to begin the check out process.

3. Click the Next button.

4. Locate the bar code on the book.

5. With the bar code reader, scan the bar code. If the bar code scanned properly, you will hear a beep and a due date should be shown in the charge log.

6. Click the Finished button when all items have been scanned.