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Guide to Using EndNote for students, faculty, and staff at Rowan University

Exporting From Databases that Do Not Support Direct Export

EndNote can import references from many databases and online catalogs.  However, unlike PubMed, and databases accessed through the Ovid and the Web of Science platforms most databases and Library catalogs' references cannot be directly imported into EndNote.  The procedure to format and save references from these databases and catalogs varies from database to database, but the import is the same regardless of the database or catalog.

How to Import References from Databases That Do Not Support Direct Export

Go to the EndNote library you want to import references to, and go to File > Import > File or use import button on the toolbar.

Import form other databases

Click Choose File, then locate and select the file you saved containing the references you want to import.
Choose Folder if you are importing a folder of multiple PDF files.

Choose File

Select file

Click on the Import Option drop-down menu to locate the database the references came from.  The import options include a number of default options.  It also includes recently-used filters and any filters you have checked in the Filter Manager.  If you do not see the database in the list, select Other Filters to open the Filter Manager.

Import Options

Scroll through the list of filters to locate the database's import filter, and select it, and click Choose.  you can also select and edit filters from Edit > Import Filters > Open Filter Manager located on on the toolbar. 

Filter Manager

The database should now appear in the Import Option box.  Once you select a filter from he Filter Manager EndNote retains that setting until you change it.  You do not need to go through these steps again unless you want to import from a different database and thus choose another Import filter. 

Select your preferred option from the Duplicates drop-down menu.  By default, a reference is considered a duplicate if the author, year, and reference type match a reference already in the library. 


Click the Import button to begin the import process.  The imported references will appear in the temporary Imported References group.  

Inported References group

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