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6/9/23 (Newsletter)

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June 2023

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Are you preparing for July? Everything you're able to accomplish now will mitigate chaos then. Remember:

"The key is not the will to win...everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important."
   - Multiple (Paul "Bear" Bryant, Bobby Knight, Vince Lombardi...)

As always, I hope you find this publication to be helpful and informative. If you ever have questions or ideas regarding the content of the Faculty Focus Newsletter, please contact me at 856-566-7177 or

Be Safe.

Thank you, Steve


Preparing for July...

Rowan University: Innovations in Teaching Using Technology Grant
Deadline: 6/30

  • From announcement: "The intent of this grant is to fund the purchase of equipment to support practical approaches to teaching using technology at Rowan University. This grant is principally targeted to initiatives that are innovative, scalable, adaptable, and applicable to teaching. The grant ranges up to $1000."
    More information and to apply

AMA ChangeMedEd Innovation Grant
Deadline: 6/26

  • From announcement: "The AMA ChangeMedEd Innovation Grant program supports novel experiments in precision education while building a community of practice within the AMA ChangeMedEd Consortium. Because precision education is a fledgling construct, projects that are small in scope or presently rely on analogue approaches to data will be considered."
    More information and to apply


Section description: Highlight of instructional strategies that can be incorporated to increase engagement and learning.

If you need assistance with delivering instruction via synchronous or asynchronous approaches, please contact me at 856-566-7177 or  I’ve been working with faculty on the use of Webex for live sessions, Echo360 for recording lectures or short presentations, formulating online discussion questions, etc. and I’m happy to help as I’m able.

Resources from the Rowan-Virtua SOM Teaching & Learning Seminar

Rowan University

Rowan-Virtua SOM Faculty Development



Section description: Articles, websites, etc. on the topic of cultural competency, engagement, and other related topics.

Rowan-Virtua SOM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Website

Rowan-Virtua SOM



Section description: Articles, websites, etc., on the topic of faculty wellness, engagement, and other related topics

Rowan-Virtua SOM



Section description:  This section will provide information and resources on Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques, Osteopathic Philosophy, and Osteopathic Recognition. 

OMT Demonstration Videos

Articles from JOM


  • Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (JOM)
  • Rowan-Virtua SOM/GSBS YouTube
  • Curation and editorial assistance provided by:
    • Alex King, DO, Assistant Professor, Department Of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Rowan-Virtua SOM
    • Danielle Cooley, DO, FACOFP, Chair of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Rowan-Virtua SOM

JOM Highlights

Section description: This section will highlight one item from the following sections of the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (JOM): Medical Education, Musculoskeletal Medicine and Pain, and Clinical Images. (JOM articles on NMM/OMT can be found in the OMM/OMT/OP/OR section)

Medical Education

Behavioral Health

SourceJournal of Osteopathic Medicine (JOM; formerly Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA)


Section description: Bibliographic citations to new publications written by faculty members at Rowan-Virtua SOM. For full Faculty Bibliography please see: Rowan-Virtua SOM Health Sciences Library – Faculty Bibliography

  • Daniel Hurst, PhD | Assistant Professor, Family Medicine | Director of Medical Professionalism, Ethics, and Humanities
    Hurst DJ, Padilla L, Schiff T, Parent B. Revisiting the use of Ulysses contracts in xenotransplantation. Transplantation. 2023 May 29. doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000004679. PMID: 37246302. (Online ahead of print)
    Request via Interlibrary Loan
  • Richard Jermyn, DO, FAAPMR | Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine | Interim Dean, Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine
    Goodwin B, Averell N, Al-Shehab U, Ernazarov A, Price L, Choudhary A, Jermyn R. Efficacy of platelet-rich plasma for sacroiliac joint dysfunction: a qualitative systematic review with pooled analysis. Regenerative Medicine. 2023 May 18. doi: 10.2217/rme-2022-0211. PMID: 37199253. (Online ahead of print)
    Request via Interlibrary Loan
  • David J. Libon, Ph.D. | Professor | Geriatrics and Gerontology
    Thompson LI, Cummings M, Emrani S, Libon DJ, et al. Digital clock drawing as an Alzheimer's disease susceptibility biomarker: associations with genetic risk score and APOE in older adults. JPAD: The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease. 28 April 2023. doi: 10.14283/jpad.2023.48
    Request via Interlibrary Loan
  • De Anda-Duran I, Kolachalama VB, Carmichael OT, Hwang PH, Fernandez C, Au R, Bazzano LA, Libon DJ.
    Midlife neuropsychological profiles and associated vascular risk: the Bogalusa Heart Study. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 2023 May 19. doi: 10.3233/JAD-220931. PMID: 37212094. (Online ahead of print)
  • Bernd Spur, PhD | Associate Professor | Cell Biology
    Nshimiyimana R, Libreros S, Simard M, Chiang N, Rodriguez AR, Spur BW, et al. Stereochemistry and functions of the new cysteinyl-resolvin, 4S,5R-RCTR1, in efferocytosis and erythrophagocytosis of human senescent erythrocytes. American Journal of Hematology. 2023 May 4. doi: 10.1002/ajh.26932. PMID: 37139907. (Online ahead of print)
    Request via Interlibrary Loan

Source: Rowan-Virtua SOM Health Sciences Library – Faculty Bibliography
Publications lists curated by Lisa Price, MSLIS, at Rowan-Virtua SOM Health Sciences Library

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