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Internal Medicine Workshop: Instruction

This guide contains the lecture, resources, and information shared during the IM workshop. Missed the workshop? View the video listed in the arrow under the "Instruction" tab.

A Quick Swift: Answering Your Clinical Queries

Ice Breaker & Agenda


“Viva La Evidence”



  1. Intro (5 Minutes)

  2. The Whys, Whats, and Hows of Clinical Research (25 Minutes)

  3. Small Group Task (15-20 Minutes)

  4. Review (5 Minutes)

  5. At-Home Tasks (5 Minutes)




  • Building confidence in your ability to form clinical questions based on a patient’s need.

  • Strengthening your ability to break the question down into relevant and strong search terms.

  • Make use of appropriate searching tools and limiters in order to retrieve resources of the highest possible quality.


With a Touch of Amanda’s Flair

When you have a patient in need

don’t let that sweat start to bead.

Cause you about to gain the skill to succeed

in forming those clinical questions with speed.

Now, it’s time to break that question down,

but I better not see you frown.

You’ll be creating those terms with ease.

So, take a seat and just breathe.

Let’s not forget those search limiters.

Being sure to define those search parameters.

For the aim are sources of highest quality

as you become a searching prodigy.

Now, we know the objective

and it isn’t subjective.

So, let’s get to learnin’

while those wheels are a turnin’.


Clinical Research: The Whys, Whats, and Hows

  • Why should I concern myself with developing strong clinical research skills?
  • What point-of-care tools are available and how do I find them?
  • How do I conduct a strong clinical search with efficiency?


Let’s Dig In

Your At-Home Tasks

Small Group Task


  1. How did you break the scenario down into PICO?

  2. What was your clinical question?

  3. What search terms did you use?

  4. Which point of care resource did you use?

  5. How many results did you find?

    1. Were they relevant?

    2. Were they of the best possible quality?

Learning and Research Support Librarian

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