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SGL II - Life Span: Peds & Geri: Pediatrics

Selected library resources and authoritative information to support the Life Spans course/block.

Block Description

This block address the growth, development and aging of patients. It introduces students to the basic knowledge of both the pediatric and geriatric  history and physical exam. It explores normal growth and development, as well as, the common problems in the pediatric population. The geriatrics component provides an overview of the aging process and the application of these principles to patient care and medical decision making. The physiology of aging, comprehensive geriatric assessment, and common geriatric problems serve as a foundation for the course. This block incorporates the comprehensive services of disease prevention, early detection and health promotion.

Required & Recommended Books

*Book is also required or recommended in other Rowan-Virtua SOM courses or rotations.

Select Pediatrics E-Books

You can search the Medical E-Books Collection to locate other medical e-books available through Rowan University Libraries.  Use Library Search to search for medical print books and other print and electronic books held by Rowan's University Libraries.