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Linking to Online Resources: RowanSOM Library

How to create stable, durable web addresses to Library resources that will work off-campus.

The RowanSOM Library is open to Rowan SOM and GSBS students, faculty, and staff with limited occupancy. Check our COVID-19 page for the status of library operations and services.

Linking to Licensed Online Resources

This guide provides guidance on creating links to Rowan University Libraries licensed content that can be embedded into courseware, such as Blackboard, a document, or a web page. For additional assistance and help, please contact a RowanSOM Librarian.   

When inserting links to licensed resources, such as Ejournals, Ebooks, databases or other content, into courseware, web pages, documents, etc. you should not cut and paste a URL (the web address) from a browser’s address bar into your content.  While the link may work initially it may not remain stable over time and it cannot be guaranteed if will work all the time.   

Linking to Rowan Licensed Ebooks and Ejournals (Preferred Method)

Rowan University Libraries' Integrated Library System (ILS) referred to as Library Search includes an easy way to copy a link to licensed Ebook and Ejournal records.  This is the preferred and best method to create a stable, durable URL (web address) to a Rowan University Libraries licensed resource.   

1. Search for the Ebook or EJournal title in Library Search, or use the Journal Finder to look for only Ejournal titles. Look for the Permalink icon. For assistance using Library Search contact a RowanSOM Librarian either through Chat or AskALibrarian.

Search Results - Permalink

Click the Permalink icon, and In the pop-up window click Copy to Clipboard to copy the link to the Library Search record. Paste the link into your online course, document, or web page.

Bates Guide - Copy Permalink


Below is the Library Search record for the Ebook Bate's guide to physical examination and history taking.  You will see full-text availability and a link that will take the user to the full-text of the Ebook.  Users will be prompted to log-in with their Rowan credentials before being taken to the full-text of the Ebook or Ejournal. .

Bates Guide to Physical Examination - Library Search full record 

Linking to Rowan Licensed Databases and Resources

To add a link to Rowan University Libraries licensed and publicly* available databases and resources start from the Rowan Medical Libraries Medical Resources and Databases page. 

Locate the database or resource from the list.  Place your mouse pointer over the name and right click and select Copy link address.  Paste the address link into your courseware or web page.     

Copy databases link

* While publicly available databases and resources do not need Rowan authentication in order to use, some, such as PubMed and Google Scholar, have incorporated Rowan University Libraries' holding information into their records.  The only way to view the holding information is by accessing the database or resource from links on the Library's website. .   

Creating Proxied Links to Ebooks and EJournal

This is an alternative method to link to Library content that bypasses Library Search.  It MAY allow linking directly to individual Ebook chapters.  However, the ability to link to specific chapters is largely dependent on the organization and design of the provider's website. This method may work or it may not, and when linking to Ebooks and Ejournals the RowanSOM Library recommends using the Permalink option as detailed above.  Contact the RowanSOM Library for help with linking to articles and chapters.

For Ebook and Ejournal titles use the following procedure.

  1. First confirm that Rowan Libraries have a subscription to the book or journal you want to link to using Library Search
  2. Go to the Ebook's or EJournal's homepage or the chapter you need, copy the URL from the browser’s address bar and paste it into a Word document, or other text editor. 
  3. Append the Rowan University Libraries proxy prefix below to the beginning of the direct link. 
  4. Copy and paste the resulting URL into the online course, document or webpage.


This is the provider's URL for the online version of the book Mark’s Basic Medical Biochemistry: This link will not allow Rowan users access as it will not route users through Rowan University's central authentication service (CAS) 

A URL that will route through CAS and allow Rowan users to log-in and view the content of the Ebook: 

FAQ on Linking to Content

Can I link to the full text of a journal article?

Yes, use Journal Finder, or if searching in PubMed use the Rowan GetIT button, to go to the article’s record in Library Search and look for the Permlink icon to obtain a link that can be embedded in courseware or a web page.

Can I link to a specific chapter of an Ebook?

Yes and No, in some cases you may be able to create a link to a book chapter that can be embedded into courseware or a web page, but it largely depends on the design and organization of the Ebook provider’s website.  Some provider’s website will allow you to link to a chapter while other may not.  See Creating Proxied Links to Ebooks and EJournal Titles for instructions. 

Can I link directly to the supplemental content of an Ebook or resouce, such multimedia or case files?

Just as with linking to Ebook chapters the answer is yes and no, and for the same reason.  It largely depending on how the provider's site is organized and designed.  It is best to contact the Library about directly linking to supplemental materials and content.