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Nursing Resources

Welcome! This guide provides an effective way to locate library information and essential resources specifically related to nursing students, staff and faculty.

Evidence Based Databases

Search Tips

  • Use the PICO categories to develop a search strategy
  • Use a combination of medical subject headings and keywords to search databases
  • Consider whether you need to add alternate word endings or synonyms
  • Filter results by appropriate study design/article type

Step 2: Acquire

Selecting Resources and Conducting the Search

In this step, you will locate the highest quality, relevant information from the medical literature to answer your question. To do this, you need to select the databases and journals you will use to find the answer to your question. 

Some resources, such as the Cochrane databases are "prefiltered". This means that the authors of the database have already systematically reviewed the articles to make sure that they are relevant and of high quality.  Other resources, such as PubMed and CINAHL, are "unfiltered". This means that you conduct a search based on your question and filter through the results yourself.

Database Tutorials