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PBL 1 - Immunology & Dermatology: Welcome

A guide to the Immunology & Dermatology block.

Welcome to Immunology & Dermatology

Immunology is a branch of medicine and biology that covers the medical study of the immune system and/or immunity - the range of defenses developed by the  human body to protect itself.  Immunological disorders caused by a dysfunction of the immune system could include allergy, asthma, autoimmune disease, autoinflammatory syndromes, and immunological deficiency syndromes. 

Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin.  It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects.  A dermatologist is a specialist medical doctor who manages diseases related to skin, hair, nails, and some cosmetic problems.

Immunology E-books

Dermatology E-books

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                                                       What is Immunology?                                                                                                           What is Dermatology?