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Medical Scholarship: Creating Your Own References

A handy guide for your medical scholarship adventures

Introduction - Creating Your Own References

EndNote can import references from many online databases, but there are times when you need to create a reference by entering the data yourself. These sections of the guide cover not only how to create and edit references, but also how to create references for charts and figures, attach full-text PDFs to an existing reference, find the full-text of your references, and check for updates to references and remove duplicate references..

Creating a New Reference

Go to References > New.  A blank record will open. 

Creating a New Reference

Choose a reference type from the Reference Type drop down menu at the top-left of your blank record.  The default type for a new reference is "journal article".  Choosing the correct reference type is critical if the reference is to be cited correctly.

Select reference type

Enter the appropriate bibliographic data into the fields of the blank record.  After filling in the information Go to File > Save to save the new reference.

New Reference


Figures and Charts (Graphics)

Store figures, charts, and tables in your EndNote library and insert them into a document.  You can only add one image in the image field of a reference. 

Go to References > New Reference.  In the Reference Type drop down menu on the top of the window, select Figure or Chart or Table depending on what type of graphic you have.

Getting the Right Reference Type

There are several way to attach figures, one way is in the blank record go to References > Figure > Attach Figure. Locate the image file on your computer and insert it. 

Attaching a Figure

If you scroll down your record you will see the attached figure in the figure field of the record.  DO NOT attach figures that need to be cited using EndNote's "File Attachment" function. (See Attaching Files to learn how to attach other file types to references.)  

Attaching Figure using the menu icon


Go to File > Save to save the new reference with the attached figure. Use the same procedure to store a table or chart. The only difference is to select "Chart or Table" in the Reference Type drop down menu.