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Medical Scholarship: Cite While You Write Using Word (CWYW)

A handy guide for your medical scholarship adventures

EndNote and Microsoft Word (Windows)

When EndNote is installed on a computer a new “tab” is added to Word giving Endnote the ability to insert properly formatted references and create bibliographies within Word documents. 

In Word click on the EndNote tab to display the EndNote functions available in Word.

Inserting Citations (CWYW)

Position the cursor in the Word document where the citation needs to appear. Go to your EndNote library and highlight the needed reference, return to the document and go to Insert Citation on the EndNote tab.  Select Insert Selected Citation(s) to insert the selected reference.  Use Insert Citation to open a Window to do a keyword search of your library for a reference.

The reference is inserted into your document according the rules of the selected publication style  (See Changing Publication Styles to learn how to change publication style.)

Inserting Figures and Graphics

Position cursor where figure is to go in document.  On the EndNote tab go to Insert Citation and select Insert Figure.

Insert Figure from EndNote into Work  

A window to search by keyword will open. Search for the appropriate reference that contains the figure or table to be inserted. Click Insert

Search for figure or graphic and insert into Word from EndNote

The figure is inserted into your document according the rules of the selected publication style. (See Changing Publication Styles to learn how to change publication style.)

Converting to Plain (Needed Step Before Submission)

The final step before submitting a document is all citations, references, and graphics must be embedded into the Word document. 

If you save the document to another computer or email the document and open it on a different computer without taking this step none of the references and figures will be in the document.  References, figures, charts, and other graphics in an EndNote library are only "linked" to the Word document until this step is taken.

Within the EndNote tab select Convert Citations and Bibliography and then select Convert to Plain Text.

Converting to plain text for submission

A new, unsaved copy of your document will be created with references and figures embedded in your Word document. The “links” back to your EndNote Library are gone and this new copy will no longer keep track of changes you make to the references.  The original copy still exists and changes to it using EndNote can still be made.   

EndNote Help

Guide and videos tutorials from the creators of EndNote, Clarivate Analytics. 

Contact a Rowan Librarian specializing in EndNote

Changing Publication Styles

To change publication styles from within Word go to the Style drop down menu on the EndNote tab and select a new publication style.  Changing the publication style will cause your document to reformat using the selected style.   

Drop-down menu to change publication styles from Word

Linking In-Text References

A checkbox in the Format Bibliography window will turn references into links that allow you to easily move between in-text citations and the References list at the end of a document. 

Within the EndNote tab click the bottom corner arrow under the bibliography column to open the Configure Bibliography window and check the checkbox to Link in text citations to references in the bibliography.

Setting In-text linking to references in Word