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CSLL - Community Service Learning and Leadership: Welcome

A guide to the longitudinal partnering with AHEC for students to help underserved populations and learn leadership skills while conducting community service.

Welcome to CSLL - Community Service Learning & Leadership

CSLL is a project-based longitudinal course in the SOM curriculum. 

Partnering with the AHEC in Camden students will identify, develop, and implement a health promotion project that addresses community needs.  Combining the two parts of the course 1) interactive leadership skills and 2) CSL, the Community Service Learning program with a service project, students will become leaders in service to the community.

The core skills of leadership and service are explicitly taught and practiced during years 1-3.  Through a guided analysis of the most significant leadership qualities and skills, students will practice and embed the leadership knowledge gained before developing and implementing their health promotion project.

In Year 1 students will conduct a community assessment, in Year 2 they will develop their health promotion intervention project, and in Year 3 will implement the project based on the CDC and USPSTF recommendations and the needs of the community. 

Participation is voluntary in Year 4, where students will evaluate the impact of their intervention and present their paper or poster at a national convention.

AHEC - Camden

AHEC - Camden
CDC - healthy people

Healthy People

The Healthy People initiative is designed to guide national health promotion and disease prevention efforts to improve the health of the nation. Released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) every decade since 1980, Healthy People identifies science-based objectives with targets to monitor progress and motivate and focus action. Healthy People has established benchmarks in order to:

  • Identify nationwide health improvement priorities.
  • Increase public awareness and understanding of the determinants of health, disease, and disability and the opportunities for progress.
  • Provide measurable objectives and goals that are applicable at the national, State, and local levels.
  • Engage multiple sectors to take actions to strengthen policies and improve practices that are driven by the best available evidence and knowledge.
  • Identify critical research, evaluation, and data collection needs.

Healthy People 2030 is the fifth iteration of the initiative and continues in this tradition with about 350 core objectives to be tracked over the decade.

Use Healthy People 2030 in your work

Healthy people - healthy people homepage. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Published December 6, 2022. Accessed December 12, 2022.

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