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EndNote at Rowan University

Guide to Using EndNote for students, faculty, and staff at Rowan University

Which Version of EndNote is Right for Me?

There are 2 versions of EndNote available to Rowan users, a standalone desktop/laptop version and an enhanced web based-version called EndNote Online. EndNote Online is the enhanced version of EndNote Basic, the free version of EndNote. Both the desktop and web-based versions can be used independently of each other, but are designed to work in concert with each other. Both versions have similar capabilities, but the desktop/laptop version of EndNote has a few features not available in EndNote Basic or EndNote Online and is not dependent on having an Internet connection. However, with the web based-versions you are not tied to an individual computer or laptop, and can share your references with other EndNote Basic and Online users making collaboration easier. See the EndNote Online section of this guide for more information about EndNote Online.

Endnote Comparison

  EndNote Desktop EndNote Basic
Pricing Free for  Rowan and Cooper Affiliates  Free
Reference Storage Unlimited 50,000
Attachment Storage Unlimited 2 GB
Bibliographic Formatting Styles All styles (5,000+) All styles (5,000+)
Reference Sharing Yes Yes
Send references directly from online databases 500+ 500+
Search online resources from within EndNote 6,000+ 1,800+
Formatting in Microsoft Word Yes Yes
One-click 'Find Full Text' Yes No
Automatic reference updating Yes No
Advanced reference organization Yes No

New and Updated Verion EndNote Now Available

EndNoteX9 for Windows and Mac is now available for download to your computer or laptop.

Downloading and Installing EndNote to Your Desktop or Laptop

1. Go to

2. Under Academic Software click the appropriate EndNote version (Windows or Mac) to download.  

3. Select your affiliation, either Rowan or Cooper, and log-in using the appropriate username and password to verify your affiliation to begin download (IF prompted to open or save the file, select save.)

1. It is recommended that you uninstall previous versions of EndNote before installing a new version.  Uninstalling EndNote will not delete or change your existing EndNote libraries

2. On your computer or laptop go to folder where the file was saved.

3. Unzip the EndNote file using any standard unzip utility (right click on the zipped folder and use the Extract All option).

4. Extract both the Windows installer and the license.dat file to the same folder. 

5. Once unzipped open the folder labeled EndNoteX9.

6. Click "ENX9Inst.msi" to begin installation, and accept the default settings and select typical installation.  (If you are prompted to enter a product key during installation the Windows installer and the license.dat file are not in the same folder, or the EndNote file was not unzipped.)

7. After EndNote installation is complete, launch EndNote. 


1. Launch the "EndNoteX9SiteInstaller.dmg" file you downloaded.

2. Double-click the "Install EndNote X9 app" image.

3. This will bring up an image with "Licensed to: Rowan University"

4. Click the "Install" button". This may take several minutes to complete.

5. You should click on "Next" when prompted, and accept the default setting if prompted. 

Make sure you are not running other applications during the install process.

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About EndNote

EndNote is a program that can help manage citations for research projects and publications.  It automates much of the work of organizing and formatting citations and bibliographies. Create personal, searchable library of citations to articles, books, media, and websites.

EndNote connects to many databases and resources such as PubMed, Cochrane, and Web of Science, and outputs results in over 1,000 different publication styles.  No more leafing through style manuals to see how to cite a webpage vs. an article.  EndNote handles all that for you!  

Need EndNote Help from a Rowan Librarian?


Kevin Block at RowanSOM
856 566-6804

Ben Saracco at CMSRU

A Shared Service of the Rowan Medical Libraries


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about EndNote

Q. When I try to install EndNote I am being prompted for a product key?

A. Rowan users DO NOT need a Product Key. You need to unzip the EndNote installation package before you run the installation file, otherwise you will be asked for a product key. When you download EndNote make sure you save the file to your computer. EndNote is saved to your computer as a zipped package ( Right click on the package and select the "extract all" option. This will create a new folder called EndnoteX9. Inside the folder will be an installation file (ENX9Inst.msi) and a license file. Run the installation file from the new folder to avoid being prompted for the product key.

Q. Is there an EndNote app for Ipads and tablets?

A. There is an EndNote Ipad app, but not one for tablets. The Ipad version of EndNote is not part of Rowan University Libraries' EndNote subscription, and must be purchased separately.

Q. Should I use one library file for all my references, or separate libraries for different projects?

A.  You can create separate libraries for each of your projects. There is no limit to the number of libraries you can have, or you can keep everything in one library. It's entirely up to you to decide how you want your references organized in EndNote.

Q. I installed EndNote, but it says it's a demo version that will expire soon. How do I install the full version?

A. This usually happens when EndNote's installation package was not extracted properly. You should uninstall the demo version, and then reinstall the program making sure the files are properly extracted from the installation package when you reinstall. Right click on the downloaded installation package and select the "extract all" option. This will create a new folder called EndnoteX9. Inside the folder will be an installation file (ENX9Inst.msi) and a license file. Run the installation file from the new folder.