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EndNote at Rowan University: Google Scholar

Guide to Using EndNote for students, faculty, and staff at Rowan University

Sending Google Scholar Citations to EndNote

A word of caution about Google references, some information in Google records cannot be exported or are missing some data needed for a proper reference.  If the reference is available in PubMed or another database it is recommended the references be exported to EndNote from one of those resources.  Review EndNote references imported from Google to ensure data is in the relevant fields needed to get a proper citation.

To import reference from Google Scholar into an EndNote, users need to first configure the Google Scholar settings to make the “Import into EndNote” option available in Google Scholar search results.

Go to Google Scholar and click on the menu icon.

Google menu icon

Click Settings

Google Scholar settings

Within the “Search Results” settings under “Bibliography Manager”, click the radio button next to Show links to import citations into and select EndNote from the drop down menu and click Save.

Google bibliography manager

Once set you will now see an Import into Endnote option in your Google Scholar search results. Click Import into EndNote to download the reference(s) to your browser. 

Google search results


Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) works differently when exporting and downloading. Using Chrome based browsers the downloaded file will appear in a bar at the bottom of the browser. Other browsers may work differently. Note Apple’s Safari browser may not be compatible with EndNote

Click the file name to send the downloaded Google Scholar citation to EndNote.
Google download bar

To bypass having to click on the downloaded file in the future click the small arrow next to the downloaded file and select Always open files of this type.  Now when clicking the Create file button referenced above the PubMed citations will directly be sent to EndNote

Google - Always open checkbox

The Google Scholar references will be exported into an open EndNote Library, and placed in EndNote’s Imported References group.

To export multiple Google Scholar references to EndNote select the star next to each of the references you went to send to EndNote.

Google - select multiple citations

After selecting the citations click My library on the upper right corner of the screen.

This will display all your selected references. Click the box on the top of the screen to select all the citations listed.  Click the download icon at the top of the screen and choose EndNote to download the citations to your browser and proceed as referenced earlier in this guide to import the citations into EndNote. 

Google - batch export



EndNote Help

Guide and videos tutorials from the creators of EndNote, Clarivate Analytics. 

Contact a Rowan Librarian specializing in EndNote