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EndNote at Rowan University

Guide to Using EndNote for students, faculty, and staff at Rowan University

Attaching and Viewing Files

You can attach different files, such as PDFs, Word documents, or PowerPoint or Excel files to a reference.  This is useful to help organize references with their corresponding full text files.  (See Finding Full Text to learn how to search for the full text PDFs of an article.)  You can have 1 attachment per reference,  DO NOT attach figures, charts or graphs using the file attachment feature. (See Attaching Figures and Charts for more information.)

Attaching Files

When attaching a file that already exists on your computer to a reference a 2nd copy of the file is created. One copy will exist at its original location on your computer. A new 2nd copy will be associated with your EndNote library and stored with other Endnote files.  

To attach a file highlight the appropriate reference from your library in the Reference list column and go to References > File Attachments > Attach File. 

Attach a File

Locate the file, such as a PDF, on your computer and insert it.  Go to File > Save to save the new reference with the attached full text file.

You can also add an attachment by highlighting the appropriate reference from your library in the Reference list panel and then click the paperclip icon in the Tabs panel.

Attaching Files

PDF Viewer

You can open and view PDFs attached to references by clicking the PDF tab in the tabs Panel.

PDF Viewer Tab


References, PDFs, and the DOI

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier and is a unique number that most articles are now assigned when they are published.  Increasingly the PDF copies of articles have the DOI embedded in its metadata.  If the DOI is included in an EndNote reference EndNote has the ability to match up the DOIs and import and attach the PDF to the corresponding reference. Note, not all PDFs have the DOI number embedded, particularly older articles.

Find the DOI in a PDF by going to "Properties" and select the "Custom" tab Find the DOI in a reference by scrolling to the DOI field
DOI in PDF Locating the DOI in a reference

You can import individual and multiple PDF files and automatically attach them to their corresponding reference in your EndNote library using File > Import > Folder.  Select "File" if you are only importing a single PDF or "Folder" if you are importing multiple PDFs stored in a folder.

Importing PDFs

Use the "Browse" button to navigate to the file or folder where the PDFs reside, select any additional options you wish and click "Import" to import the PDFs.

Importing PDFs

Provided the references in your EndNote library and the PDF both contain the DOI EndNote will automatically match and attach the PDF to its corresponding reference in your library.  


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