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EndNote at Rowan University: FAQs

Guide to Using EndNote for students, faculty, and staff at Rowan University

Q. When I try to install EndNote I am being prompted to enter a product key?

A. Rowan users DO NOT need a Product Key. You need to unzip or extract the EndNote installation package before you run the installation file, otherwise you will be asked for a product key. When you download EndNote save the file to your computer. EndNote is saved to your computer as a zipped file ( and must be unzipped before installation. Right click on the package and select the "extract all" option. This will create a new folder called Endnote21. Inside the folder will be an installation file (ENX21Inst.msi) and a license file. Run the installation file from the new folder to avoid being prompted for the product key.

Q. Is there an EndNote app for Ipads and tablets?

A. There is an EndNote Ipad app, but not one for Android tablets. The Ipad version of EndNote is not part of Rowan University Libraries' EndNote subscription, and must be purchased separately.

Q. Will EndNote work on a Chromebook

A. No, a program like EndNote cannot be installed on a Chromebook. EndNote Online, the cloud based version of EndNote can be used with a Chromebook. 

Q. Should I use one library file for all my references, or separate libraries for different projects?

A.  It is recommended that you have one library to manage all your references, but it's not required. You can create separate libraries for each of your projects if you wish, but only a single EndNote library can be synced with the cloud version, EndNote Online, which also impacts the sharing of EndNote libraries.

Q. I installed EndNote, but it says it's a demo version that will expire soon. How do I install the full version?

A. This usually happens when EndNote's installation package was not extracted properly. You should uninstall the demo version, and then reinstall the program making sure the files are properly extracted from the installation package when you reinstall. Right click on the downloaded installation package and select the "extract all" option. This will create a new folder called Endnote20. Inside the folder will be an installation file (EN20Inst.msi) and a license file. Run the installation file from the new folder.

Q. Besides Microsoft Word Does EndNote work other word processors or cloud based processors such as Google Docs?  

A. Endnote is compatible with Apple Pages for Mac.  With an add-on EndNote CWYW extension available from the Google Marketplace EndNote 21 will work with Google Docs, but its functionality is limited compared to the EndNote CWYW function of Word.  To utilize the Google Doc extension you also must use EndNote 21 Web.  Contact your Rowan Library to learn about using EndNote with Google Docs.   

Q. Can I install EndNote on multiple computers?

A. Yes, you can download and install EndNote on multiple computers and laptops. 

Q. How do I work with multiple computers and EndNote?

A. If you wish to use EndNote on more than one device, you will need to have your EndNote Library synchronized with EndNote Web.  See the Synching and Sharing section of this this guide for more information on synching EndNote libraries. 

Q. How do I send an EndNote library by email or make a backup copy of my library?

A. Once you have created an EndNote library you can save a compressed copy of your original library and any associated files  (such as PDFs) to another location on your computer, to a different computer, or attach it to an email.  See the Creating and Saving Libraries section of the guide for more information. 

Q. What is the best browsers to use with EndNote?

A. The major Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox) work differently when exporting references to EndNote. Depending on the browser you may be prompted to open or save references and/or select EndNote from a list of programs. Select open if prompted. You also may be prompted to choose between sending the references to EndNote or EndNote Online. Mac Users: Apple’s Safari browser is NOT designed to work with EndNote. Use another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. when working with EndNote

EndNote Help

Guide and videos tutorials from the creators of EndNote, Clarivate Analytics. 

Contact a Rowan Librarian specializing in EndNote