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EndNote at Rowan University: Adding References to EndNote Online

Guide to Using EndNote for students, faculty, and staff at Rowan University

Importing References from PubMed

Some databases do not offer a direct import for EndNote Basic. Instead, you must save your citations as a text file and then import them into EndNote Basic.

1.    Check the boxes to the left of the citations you wish to move into EndNote Basic.

2.    Click the Send to link near the top right of the screen.

3.    Select File.

4.    Under Format select MEDLINE.

5.    Click the Create File button.

6.    Now, save the file to your desktop or another easy to remember location.

7.    Open EndNote Basic and under the Collect tab, select Import References.

8.    Now, select the file.

9.    Under Import Option, select PubMed (NLM).

10.  Under To: you have to select a group. 

11.  Click Import.

Adding References Manually

Occasionally you will want to add a reference to your Library by typing it in, rather than by downloading. Here are some tips:

1.    Select the tab labeled Collect.

2.    Now, select New Reference.

3.    Select the appropriate Reference Type (ex. Journal article, book section, book, etc.) EndNote Basic will display fields needed for that type (editors’ names, chapter authors’ names, etc.).

4.    Fill in the appropriate fields. Author and page number fields should be entered as follows.

o    Authors must be entered one per line, so press Enter after each author’s name

o    Page numbers can be entered in any of the following forms, with commas between non-consecutive ranges.

Manually Enter References

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